It's time for a

Christmas of Hope

30 Ways to Find & Spread Hope in Tigard this Christmas

The world has a way of wearing us out.

It seems that everything this time of year demands a smile, a joyful heart and a cup of good cheer. But not everyone feels that way at Christmas. Good thing Christmas offers something more.

Are you ready for something to feel hopeful about this Christmas?

We're bringing hope to Tigard this Christmas.

Real, true, sure hope. Hope that isn't dependent on headlines or health, accomplishments or activities. Hope that isn't about what you can do, but what's already been done for you.

This hope starts with Jesus.

Join us for a Christmas of Hope, where we'll explore 30 ways to find and spread hope in Tigard this Christmas.

How It Works

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Join Us for Christmas

We're saving a spot for you. Join us on Christmas Eve at the Broadway Rose.


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