Peace, I Leave With You

March 28, 2022

Podcast Preview

On the day before Jesus died, John tells us that Jesus’ heart was troubled. Can you imagine why? Even so, just like last week, we can see that Jesus’ heart and mind is with his disciples. He’s comforting them. 

He knows that he won’t be with them any longer. He knows that they can’t follow. But he wants them to know that they will not be alone. And so he tells them: “to the one who obeys my teaching, my Father will send you another advocate, to help you and be with you forever.” This is the Holy Spirit. 

This Sunday, you can look forward to comfort. And you can look forward to teaching, as we get into the work of the Holy Spirit and what he does for our hearts to comfort us and to point us to Jesus. 

Here’s the joy of it. All three parts of the Triune God are here. The Father is here, Jesus his Son is here, and the Holy Spirit is here. All for one purpose. What is it? Peace, I leave with you. My peace I give you. That’s the promise of God.